Spring has sprung!

It's the time of year all the snow melts away and we welcome a new season! Spring!!! What what better way to celebrate then releasing new furni!?! :o You'll have to do some spy work to find it. But when you get your hands on it it's totally worth it. And just a little hint, the staff will definatly have it. ;)

March 20th

The new layout is made! But with good things there always has to be a bad. We've heard report's of a secret new rare floating around the hotel. Could this be true?

You'll have to wait and find out more info...

March 18th

The layout is up and expect ALOT of new changes! Were not quite done but we'll let you see it and test it out of us now! Also a quick reminder asking for staff on the hotel leads to a ban.


JC hotel staff